Tips for Communicating With a Worldwide Association

As a leader of a worldwide association, you may find it difficult to keep your members in the know about current mission critical information.

Different time zones, work schedules, and different methods of contact can make the whole experience seem very complex.

However, advancing technology has made communication with all corners of the globe far easier than it was in the past.

Are you using these three forms of online communication to help you keep your membership informed and educated no matter where and when they are?


Relatively speaking, email is not new. Yet, email remains a very useful communication tool.

Email is an effective way to distribute your monthly newsletter, event invitations, and more.

Using association management software can assist you with managing your membership email addresses. In addition, most services will set up an email template for you with your organization logo and other information.

Be sure to make your email content interesting and valuable to hold members’ interest.


Like email or your website, forums can be useful for sharing relevant information about industry trends and events.

But, unlike these other services, forums allow for two way conversation.

Forums can be a very beneficial way to gather feedback from members. In addition, forums give members a sense of participation and belonging.

Members can share articles and industry networking events. In addition, they build relationships with other members outside of meetings.

Find a forum service provider that can be added to your website or better yet, have your association management software provider set your forum.

Web Based Conferences

Web based conferences are taking the place of in person meetings more and more these days.

A popular option is to have a live web based event at a certain time. For those in different time zones or who have schedule conflicts, offer a replay for them to watch.

Internet meetings can be strictly a presentation by the host, or can be interactive with audience chat or voice questions and polls.

Some more advanced options will even have video features allowing you to see the people attending the conference via webcam.

Having members from all over the world can seem like a challenge, but when communication and events make use of the technological tools available today, it’s not so daunting.

People from different cultures and time zones can offer a unique perspective on your industry, so maintaining a global reach for your organization benefits all members.

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