Three Ideas For Company Summer Outings

Company outings are organized with the following objectives in mind: to de-stress and have fun, to promote unity and strengthen the bond among team members and basically to boost the morale of the organization. Some corporate groups opt to hold their outings a few months before the calendar year ends while there are others who prefer to have theirs during the summertime.

What Are The Top Suggestions For Company Summer Outings

Be it a weekend, an overnight or a day trip, here are some suggestions for summer get-away’s.

1. Beach outing. This is by far the most popular pick among companies. Laguna or Tagaytay resorts, Zambales, Palawan, Puerto Galera or Boracay beaches, the wide variety of venues to choose from show a lot of possibilities to unwind and relieve stress. It is not surprising as the country is becoming a favorite travel destination around the globe. Plan beach games in the morning – soccer, volleyball or frisbee. Have a swimming race or tug-of-war in the afternoon. Get a team to prepare dinner on the grill. Assign people to take charge of the bonfire and facilitate group talks. Identify other recreational alternatives offered in the place so you can better map out the schedule.

2. Dinner and Karaoke. For those who want to stay in the metro yet are aiming for a fun-filled experience with their employees, an evening of good food and music is considered a top choice. It requires little preparation yet promises a great outlet from stressful projects and hectic schedules that employees usually come across with. Time it on a summer Friday night where the city is very much alive. Try various cuisines that are guaranteed to satisfy even the most delicate taste buds. Then hit the karaoke bar and get your people to sing their hearts out. Let them enjoy each other’s company in a very relaxed and comfortable setting.

3. Sports-related activities.For small groups of five to ten, playing billiards, badminton or bowling around the best spots in the city are equally enjoyable. For those who want to go out of town, golfing in Tagaytay Highlands, diving in Anilao, Batangas or horse-back riding in Baguio City are just as good. For bigger participants, setting up a Saturday mini sports festival within your building premises not only promotes healthy competition, sportsmanship and team building but also provides an opportunity for your staff to get out in the sun. Segregate them into teams, have basketball or volleyball matches and give special incentives for the winning group.

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