Checking Legitimacy of Insurance Companies

Going online is the fastest and easiest way to look for insurance quotes. One doesn’t need to leave the comfort of their desks and can check out up to 10 times more insurance quotes as they would have had while calling or visiting several insurance agencies. Actually, one can look for more detailed information which might not be possible when talking to insurance executives or visiting their local offices. But, going online to get price quotes come with their cons too. Identity thefts are on a rise and an individual’s private and financial belongings could be at a stake if his/her personal identification information goes into the wrong hands.

One needs to make sure that they should always contact legitimate insurance companies on the net. This can be seen as to whether a company asks for too much information to calculate price quotes. For e.g. appropriate information for an auto insurance means name, zip code, type of car and birth date. Too much information means social security number, credit card or financial details. But there are many legitimate companies also which ask for details just to expand their client database and mistaking them for fake companies can result in loss of a valuable price quote. Another way to check the legitimacy of insurance companies is by checking them out.

Many insurance companies check out the legitimacy of their clients by searching public records or other information providers. If they can check people, it is always good to check them out too. While browsing through websites, if a company asks for unnecessary information, then one can simply note down their information and research on them. If the company doesn’t provide address, phone number or any other contact information, then they should be avoided. One can also look for business bureau websites which offer people to look up businesses with their name and/or location. One can find out at these websites if they are registered as a legitimate business and if they have a complaint file or not. If a complaint file is found, then one should check what types of complaints were there and whether they were resolved or not.

Google-ing the company is also a good way to look the company up. There are several websites which allow users to post complaints regarding different companies. One can see that whether the company is listed there and what are the complaints against their name. An individual can also type search tags like ‘company’s name’ and complaints, scam etc. to look if there are any complaints, rip offs or scams at their name. If no complaints are found, then the insurer might be legitimate. After looking online insurance quotes, one should give them a call or visit their local office to get more information regarding their quality of work and the services they provide.

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